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Feature Image by Cliff Hellis

What is better than enjoying an exquisitely prepared meal? Having that meal accompanied by a stunning view. Here in Vancouver, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by water, mountains and a spectacular skyline. Not only is this city renowned for its exceptional scenery, it is also famous for its diverse restaurant selection.

Here is a list of our favourite restaurants around Metro Vancouver that offer extraordinary scenic views. We definitely suggest making a trip to at least one of these places, even if it’s just for a glass of wine and some appetizers. One of the best parts about these restaurants is that they are situated in fabulous locations, allowing you to take a walk before or after your meal.

1. Cardero’s in Coal Harbour


Personally, this is my favourite restaurant. It has a small lounge area and a dining area with a nice patio. Not only is the food excellent, but they also offer live music all week long. So if you would like to have a relaxed time with friends or someone special, then Cardero’s is definitely a good place to go.

For more information on their menus, wines and hours of operation, visit: https://www.vancouverdine.com/carderos

2. The Boathouse in Port Moody

Boathouse Port Moody

This restaurant is located in Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, which is one of the most popular parks in the area. The park has a boat launch and also serves as a starting point for hikers walking along the Shoreline Trail. It also has a large variety of amenities, including an outdoor pool, waterpark and even a skateboard park. So go ahead and spend a day in Port Moody – go on a hike, take a canoe out, or simply take a walk on the pier, then wind down with a sumptuous meal in this amazing location.

The Boathouse is particularly known for its seafood selection, with various special events throughout the year. However, perhaps they should be more recognised for their mouth-watering desserts.

The Boathouse has 6 other scenic waterfront locations all around Metro Vancouver. For more information about the Boathouse, visit: http://boathouserestaurants.ca/

3. Top of Vancouver – Revolving Restaurant

Revolving Restaurant Vancouver

Looking for a place to dine with an unobstructed 360° of Vancouver? At 167metres above ground in the Harbour Centre Tower, this revolving restaurant is the epitome of scenic dining in Vancouver. It makes one full rotation every hour, with inclined windows that allow diners to have maximum viewing pleasure.

This restaurant serves pretty decent food albeit attached with quite a hefty price tag. But really, it’s hard to complain when your meal is accompanied by incredible views of Burrard Inlet, the North Shore Mountains, and the Vancouver Skyline. One little suggestion: Perhaps it would be a good idea make note of when the sun sets in advance so that you get to enjoy it with your meal.

For more information about the Top of Vancouver, visit: http://www.topofvancouver.com/

4. Cloud 9

cloud 9

This restaurant is located on the 42nd level of the Empire Landmark hotel on Robson St. This is another revolving restaurant that features panoramic views of the West End, English Bay, and Stanley Park. During the fall and winter months, you often get to enjoy a majestic combination of colours as the sun sets over the ocean. However, like the previous revolving restaurant, your dining experience here will not be cheap but is definitely a great place for a romantic date or to celebrate other special occasions.

For more information about Cloud 9, visit: www.cloud9restaurant.ca


Do you know of any other restaurants that have stunning views of Vancouver? Share them with us in the comments section!


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