Atelier Fashion Show 2015 Art Institute of Vancouver

The Art Institute of Vancouver held their Atelier 2015 Fashion Show on March 24th. This annual event is organized to feature the work of its Fashion Design graduates. This year’s theme “Food, Fashion and Film”, included more than just fashion by incorporating the talents of its culinary, fashion marketing, and film students.

The Atelier 2015 Fashion Show was hosted at the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Renfrew campus. As the guests arrived, they admired a Rolls Royce outside of the doors of the Art Gallery, where delectable pastries were prepared and served by the culinary students. After all guests enjoyed their little bites of heaven at the Art Gallery, they were escorted to their seats for the fashion show.

We managed to catch up with three of the designers whose works were featured in the show:

  1.  Jamaree Eiammanassakul “My collection is very minimal but rick in details. I tried to keep my collection looking chic and simple, therefore I used very few    fabrications and kept the colors tight and cohesive… I wanted to create a women’s casual business wear collection. My inspiration came from modern Thai  architecture, which maintained some traditional character like layers, angled lines from the roof due to weather, and patters from mosaic works”.

  2. Ginger Broatch ” I found the inspiration for this collection within the discovery of myself as a designer and artist. I wanted to create something that expressed who I  was and the personal ‘transformation’ of myself as a designer and artist…  I pushed my knowledge and skills to the extreme. I had to go through the complete construction of each garment and how it will look, fall and move in my head, before I could even begin to put it on paper or take any steps further”.

  3.  Zong Peng “I wanted to capture the feeling of being a child and experiencing something for the first time. I’m using images and colors from the playground and  manipulating them with a graphic tough to create an atmosphere for this collection. I began using circles and rectangles in different layouts to create the strong  silhouettes and details for my garments.

The Atelier 2015 Fashion Show epitomized the level of talent as well as hard work by the graduates of the Art Institute of Vancouver.


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