Anomaly 2015: A New World Events

This Saturday, April 25th, GCMovement will host Anomaly 2015: A New World in one of Vancouver’s most popular places: The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. Starting at 3:00pm, the evening will be full of keynote speeches, art workshops and round table discussions with recognized talented 2D/3D artists from all across North America that share inspiration and creativity.

Depending on the ticket that you get, you can have the opportunity of getting your portfolio reviewed by these talented artists, and there will even be a seated dinner! Some of the artists that will be featured at Anomaly 2015 are : Daniel Dociu, Younger Yang, Raphael Lacoste, Marco Menco, Don Roarty, Jim Jiang, Dan Cox, Luke Wakeford, Daryl Mandryk, Steven Chen among others.

Ticket prices vary from $35 (includes Live Art Demonstrations, Cosmic Courtyard Lounge, and an amazing Anomaly 2015: A New World t-shirt) to $195 for the VIP GOLD Ticket (includes a served dinner, all 3 keynotes presentations, 3 10min portfolio reviews, a lunch where you get to meet the artists, autographed posters and many more things).

Make sure you get your ticket because this is an event you will not want to miss!

For more information visit:

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