Vancity’s Most Wanted

Hugo Kafumbi is one of the most active Vancouver local rappers. He is an artist that has true love for what he does and who has proven everyone including himself he’s willing to go through whatever comes in the pursuit of his dreams.

Today they call him Vancity’s Most Wanted. Before even dreaming of getting where he is at Hugo had to go through a life changing journey. Hugo’s love for rap manifested early in his life back at his home town Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Yet it wasn’t until he moved to the Czech Republic that he truly was able to develop his talents by sharing his lyrics, learning to produce music and collaborating in projects with friends he made at Townshend International School such as Armin Naimi.

Vanity’s Most Wanted was born as soon as Hugo stepped foot in Vancouver as it was in this moment when he fully devoted himself to his music. Hugo arrived with little resources and knew close to no one in the area. He constantly struggled to make a living but through a lot of effort and commitment he’s managed to start consolidating his dreams.


Nowadays Hugo is a regula performer at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, he’s also performed at several venues nationally and internationally and he recently released his first album “Heart and Soul“. He lives up to his nickname “Vancity’s Most Wanted” but his dream is to become the one artist that will make people internationally draw their eyes to Vancouver.


Check him out:

Hugo Kafumbi Facebook



Below are some our staff picks of Vancity’s Most Wanted songs:


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