Grey Cup 2014 Festival Game Day (Photos) Vancity Social

Grey Cup 2014
The 102nd Grey Cup festival saw its end this Sunday November the 30th. With over 300 people attending the Fan March and a great environment all through the Vancouver streets filled up with that particular Game Day feel.

The Fan March:

Staring sharp at 12:30 pm and departing from jack poole plaza hundreds CFL fans attended the fan march and contributed to creating a great environment. The unusual Vancouver cold weather felt during the morning did little to stop everyone from dancing, chanting and overall having a great time. Although the our local pride the BC lions did not make to the final this year their colours and amazing fans were very much present in this event.  Other notable fans besides this years finalists were the Eskimos’ and Roughriders’ fans.  With the march ending at the Terry Fox plaza and lots of fans getting a chance to carry the cup it was now time for kick off.

The Tailgate Party:

The tail gate party was simultaneously taking place a the Terry Fox plaza and as soon as the fan march crowd clashed into it the hundreds of fans quickly became thousands. The already good vibe became superb and fans enjoyed games, music and freebies given out by his years sponsors.

The Gallery:

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The Championship Game:

It was then time for glory ,over 50 thousand people, two teams, one price: the Grey Cup. The game was a true spectacle , with Both Drew Tate and Bo Levi having an unbeatable start  for the Stampeders it seemed as though there was little the Tiger-Cats could do. But just before Half ttime the Hamilton Side had their first touch and the score was 7-17 for the Calgary side.

At half time a remarkable show provided by Imagine Dragons and complemented by the dazzling lighting and fireworks ignited the fans spirits for an unexpected twist.

The third quarter was very disputed and while the stampeders managed to increase their lead the tiger cats pushed and this resulted on a 16-20 score at the last quarter. Needless to say there was a polemic ending as in one of the las plays Banks made an impressive run which would have given the cup to the Hamilton side yet an alleged  fault took the glory out of his run.

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