Humans of Vancouver

Lauren Taylor is an Illustrator,  she does portraits for hire and ensuring that the finished product will be something that you will cherish for a long time is part of what makes her work unique. Lauren’s ability to capture a person’s feelings, looks and their situation is what makes her portraits special.  She started drawing in high school as a way to express herself. She found it hard to describe with words a certain feeling or situation while with her drawings everything flowed with ease.

The campaign STORYHIVE which is brought by TELUS is a social platform where content creators pitch and plan for their ideas to be elegible to get  a $10,000 prize for the creation of their video.  The STORYHIVE was created because of a convitction to inspire local voices and vision. The community has a great role to play, so make sure you visit the Official Website regularly to see the season 2 applicants.

Lauren Taylor was one of the winners for the firs season of STORYHIVE and her video “Eastside Stories” is an emotional video, that will not only raise your awareness about the people from eastside but will also make you reflect about yourself.

In the video Lauren Taylor mentions ”  it is natural when you draw someone, to look someone’s face for twenty-plus hours and just assume that you know them.”  She goes further saying that we have a choice into deciding who we want to see and who we don’t.

Lauren shares the purpose of making the video, “I hope that by drawing these folks and getting people to engage in the art, they will engage in the person as well; so maybe the next time they pass them on the street or see them it won’t be such a cold shoulder it will be I hope a recall of the story we help them tell.”

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