What are Vancouverites thankful for? Vancity Social

With Thanksgiving around the corner Viva Vancity staff went out to the streets of Vancouver and asked the people what they were thankful for. The answers they gave us ranged from they predictable to the unexpected.

With out further ado we present you what Vancouverites are thankful for:


I am thankful for my mom, wife and niece. – Frank

Andrew Millesh

I am thankful for everything, I guess; for the socks, shoes and everything in general. Nothing is missing in a country like Canada. – Andrew Mellish  aka (Wood Chip)

I am from England so back home usually the church organices a thanksgiving service, with the purpose of giving thanks to the Lord for the harvest. Meals are usually made out of apples and the decoration of the place is with wheats. I am going to my first real Thanksgiving dinner in Canada so i am pretty excited and thankful for that. – Lora

Kane Meguin

I am thankful for Living in Vancouver and for all the freedom and safety that surrounds my family- Kane Seguin

Eric Beck

I am thankful for my EI (employment Insurance), my parents and the fact they spend money in their kids education, thankful for health insurance that allowed me to have a back surgery and which i would not have been able to in a different country, Also living in Vancouver i feel like i´ve got to say I am thankful for trees and for living in such a clean environment. – Eric Beck

Adel Mahdi

I am thankful for all the tests and hardships I have gone though in my life because it has helped me become a stronger individual both physically and spiritually and I am also happy to be involved with the JYSEP (Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program) because it helps me be a good role model for the younger generation. – Adel Mahdi

Mike, Liana and Kazar

I’m thankful for my girlfriend – Mike

I’m thankful for my friends and family – Liana

I am thankful for everything – Kazar


I am thankful for my family, husband and baby. I am also thankful for having a cute dog named Yoshi. I also feel grateful to be able to live in such a beautiful city.  – Pam


I am thankful for my parents because they brought me to Canada, my father who taught me english and my mom who is so nice and talks to me all the time; she hasn’t forgotten about me. – Abdullah

I am thankful for my family, friends and for my cousin that just moved to Vancouver recently.  – Angela

Sam Mahdi

I thankful that I have caring parents and a loving family and good educational opportunities. I am very grateful to have a roof over my head and the possibility to have at least three meals a day. -Sam Mahdi

Fernanda Martinez

I am thankful for everything I have on my life like my family and my friends. I am grateful for all the new opportunities that I have on every single day. – Fernanda Martinez

Fereshteh Ayoubzadeh

I am thankful for all the new changes in my life. I am thankful for my parents who are making a huge effort for me to have a good education and good life opportunities. I am thankful for having such a wonderful family and amazing friends. – Fereshteh Ayoubzadeh

I am thankful for that guy outside holding flowers – Taryn


I am thankful for Jesus resurrecting the dinosaurs . Sparky


I am thankful for my wonderful family and amazing friends that always support me and always be there for me. I am also grateful  for the opportunity that life is giving me every day.  – Farid


I am thankful for being healthy and alive. – Jhon

I am thankful for eating turkey. – Ray


I am very thankful for my friends, family and all the friends that helped me getting along in Vancouver. -Ilker

I am thankful for my parents. – Sophie

On behalf of Viva Vancity Staff we would like to wish all of our readers a happy thanksgiving!

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