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On the late afternoon of Saturday, Oct 25th, in the middle of a rain storm, Vancouverite zombies created a spooky atmosphere with their “thriller” performance at Olympic Village in False Creek .

Thrill the World Vancouver 2014 was  part of the international Thrill the World event. In this worldwide dance event thousands of participants in different countries unite to reach the goal of breaking the World Record for the Largest simultaneous dance to Jackson’s music video “Thriller”. Although at the time of the performance it was heavily raining, this did not stop the zombies from dancing “thriller”.

Here are some videos and  pictures of Thrill the World Vancouver 2014 and make sure to  visit Vancouver Improv anywhere website for further events.

Check the photos taken by Farid A.

Thrill Vancouver Thrill Vancouver-284 Thrill Vancouver-281 Thrill Vancouver-278 Thrill Vancouver-277 Thrill Vancouver-274 Thrill Vancouver-271 Thrill Vancouver-250 Thrill Vancouver-246 Thrill Vancouver-244 Thrill Vancouver-235 Thrill Vancouver-231 Thrill Vancouver-229 Thrill Vancouver-225 Thrill Vancouver-222 Thrill Vancouver-220 Thrill Vancouver-216 Thrill Vancouver-211 Thrill Vancouver-206 Thrill Vancouver-205 Thrill Vancouver-199 Thrill Vancouver-194 Thrill Vancouver-193 Thrill Vancouver-171 Thrill Vancouver-163 Thrill Vancouver-130 Thrill Vancouver-119 Thrill Vancouver-113 Thrill Vancouver-106 Thrill Vancouver-98 Thrill Vancouver-92 Thrill Vancouver-85 Thrill Vancouver-74 Thrill Vancouver-69 Thrill Vancouver-68 Thrill Vancouver-63 Thrill Vancouver-62 Thrill Vancouver-59 Thrill Vancouver-56 Thrill Vancouver-51 Thrill Vancouver-48 Thrill Vancouver-46 Thrill Vancouver-40 Thrill Vancouver-33 Thrill Vancouver-27 Thrill Vancouver-25 Thrill Vancouver-24 Thrill Vancouver-22 Thrill Vancouver-17 Thrill Vancouver-13 Thrill Vancouver-12 Thrill Vancouver-11 Thrill Vancouver-7 Thrill Vancouver-4 Thrill Vancouver-2

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