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The Art Institute of Vancouver, being a highly recognized institution, believes that creativity is more than just a word. It’s a passport to a life less ordinary. This is what drives the Art Institute of Vancouver to foster and facilitate an inspiring community of creativity.

On Thursday, 23 the Art Institute of Vancouver proudly presented the 5th exhibition and 3rd reception of the Art Gallery, an exhibition of different beautiful paintings from local artists, including a student from the Art Institute of Vancouver.
The event began at approximately 6:30pm when guests and the artist themselves arrived to enjoy an evening full of art.

The idea of the Art Institute hosting the Gallery started when Theresa Mura, the main planner, started working at the school two years ago. “The purpose of the Art Gallery is to celebrate and appreciate art” Theresa stated.
As everyone observed the paintings in display, red and white wine were offered as well as a variety of delicious canapés prepared by passionate culinary students from the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Viva Vancity had the opportunity to speak with one of the very talented artists, Ann Hilton, who started painting as a child in Grade 1; her first painting was a yellow stripe from a pipe organ she saw in a class trip to a cathedral.
In the 50’s her family moved to France, where she took lessons from a French artist in oils.
Ann Hilton’s work focuses on nature that expresses freshness and light. She uses water colors since they can be both exhilarating and relaxing; “They do their own magic” Ann Hilton said.

Ann Hilton agreed to display her paintings at the Art Institute of Vancouver, when Theresa Mura invited her, because of all the great programs they offer as well as all the talent there is at the school.

The live music, together with the selection of food and beverages and the surroundings transported you to the most artistic places. The Art Gallery at the Art Institute of Vancouver was a memorable event and it was definitely a success.

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