Rainy days in Vancouver … What to do? Things to do

How do we know that we’re deep into Fall, and Winter is slowly approaching? Rain. But don’t fret! You may not need to continuously wait for a sunny weekend to eventually arrive, to have an enjoyable time. There is a lot of fun in Vancouver to be had, while coping with the rain outside.

There are a lost of rainy days in Vancouver so if you’re not one for jumping in puddles all day long, or running through, and away from the rain (although dancing in the rain does seem quite fun), we have a few activities listed below to your liking.


Watch a movie.



Be it at your house, curled up in a warm cozy blanket, with the companionship of a furry individual, or even at a local movie theatre, watching a great movie is a great way to have some relaxing and enjoyable time pass by.

Netflix has an assortment of movies and shows to watch, or you can even watch featured movies on the television stations. If you’d like to go out and save a bit of money, Cineplex SilverCity has movies half-off on Tuesdays!



Attend a musical or play.


There are amazing shows continuously being held in Vancouver and they always change so you can never get bored. The Queen Elizabeth Theatre has a range of Broadway shows and other plays.


From November 6th – 8thBallet BC presents NO.29.  According to Ballet BC, “No. 29 features the world premiere of White Act by Spanish-born choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan, the Ballet BC premiere of An Instant by Vancouver-born choreographer Lesley Telford and the reprisal of the explosive audience favourite A.U.R.A. by Italy’s Jacopo Godani.”


Also opening soon on November 11th, is Flashdance. “Flashdance is the unforgettable story of Alex, a working-class girl from Pittsburgh striving to beat the odds by breaking out of her sleepy steel town and making her dream of becoming a professional dancer come true.” For a trailer of the musical, view it here.


Tickets for the above, can be purchased via Ticketmaster.



Visit the Kids Market on Granville Island.



Held within Granville Island, Kids Market is housed in an old factory which is over 100 years old, two annex buildings and a train caboose. This Kids Market is entirely undercover which allows children to run around in the giant indoor Adventure Zone, while most importantly, staying dry. For older youngsters and even the adults, there is an arcade centre on the upper floors and even crafts, game and toy shops lining up the edges of the building.



Go Indoor swimming.


Swimming indoors is a different kind of feeling than swimming outdoors or feeling the cold  pellets of raindrops. There are several different indoor pools through Vancouver and even in  the lower mainland. Here are is a list of Vancouver’s indoor pools: City of Vancouver  swimming pools


Ice skate.


A great thing with ice skating is that it’s all-year round. And another great thing, is that it’s for everyone. You can go with your children, go on a date, or even fool around with some friends. There are public ice skating times available, as well as skates and helmets that can be rented out.
Here is a list of the ice skating rinks in Vancouver: Vancouver ice skating rinks


If you don’t exactly live in Vancouver and want something more local, there are other skate rinks such as:

  • Canlan Ice Sports Burnaby 8 Rinks – 6501 Sprott St Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8
  • Kensington Complex – 6159 Curtis St Burnaby, BC V5B 4X7
  • Bill Copeland Sports Centre – 6159 Curtis St Burnaby, BC V5B 4X7
  • Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex – 633 Poirier St Coquitlam, BC V3J 6A8
  • Inlet Skating Club – 300 Ioco Rd Port Moody, BC V3H 2V7



Visit the Vancouver Aquarium.



The Vancouver Aquarium is one of the most popular places to go to when visiting Vancouver. If you have never been there, or haven’t been there in a while, why not check it out? There is a range of animals to view, ranging from creatures of the sea, sea otters and sharks, to tropical animals, such as monkeys and sloths.

The Vancouver Aquarium is also a great place to bring young ones since it’s an environment where children can have fun, and also educate themselves as well. What a better way into tricking them to learn?

Credit for Featured Image – Nicolas Bouvier Flickr

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