Latin Entrepreneur Seminar in Vancouver Review of Events

Last weekend a Latin Entrepreneur seminar in Vancouver was held on the Ascenda School of Management to help the Latin community grow their business. The seminar was from 10am to 2 pm in which several speakers came and spoke about different concepts and areas of businesses. The organizer, Javier Barajas mentioned ” I think the next seminar that we will be organizing will touch in how to start your business as the turnout of this event was great.”

Latin Seminar


We got the chance to interview a few of the participants to get their opinions regarding the event:

“It is so interesting to learn everything regarding businesses, also to meet the Latin community and to all together learn and be informed. We need as Latinos work for our fame, sometimes we are known with a bad reputation, or to be dishonest, etc..” – Maricela Treviño Garza from Monterrey, NL.

“I have really liked it as I would like to open my own company soon, I have learned a lot so now I can consolidate my business”. –  Fernando Pintado from Nayarit, Mexico.

“This seminar covered all the topics, it was good but we did not have time to go into details. It would be good that for next time they can go into more details”. – Meron Mayer from Iran

“This seminar is great, because small businesses need advice in order to be able to grow and expand; to create meaningful business connections”.

“The seminar was organised by CCIME (Consejo de los Mexicanos en el Exterior) which increments the life quality of the Mexicans, but Javier Barajas, who is a member of CCIME, said that he does not only want to help Mexicans; he feels that the seminars should be targeted for whole Latin America, with the purpose of helping them by giving them more tools that can be applied to each of their situations”.

If you would like to attend the following seminar please be in touch with Javier Barajas at

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