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VLAFF 2014 Closing Gala 

The Vancouver Latin American Film Festival 2014 came to an ending september the 7th. This year’s edition of the festival which was dedicated to the iconic memory of Waldo Briño a Vancouverite that promoted and supported Latin American culture for years, had a tremendous success. Not only did the festival attract a huge amount of attention this year to the point that many of the screenings sold out, but it also sold out the alternative screenings of such films. In fact demand this year was so high that the VLAFF 2014 organizers opened a special screening for September 16th of the Argentinian comedy “Lion’s Heart” (Corazón de León) which had two Sold-Out houses.

Undoubtedly busy the VLAFF 2014 saw it ending with the Screening of  AninA, the Awards, and a lively reception, all occurring at the SFU Woodward’s Campus. The reception gave the audiences an opportunity to meet the jury members as well as VLAFF 2014 organizers like Christian Sida-Valenzuela . The Reception occurred in fantastic environment which continued to flow as the Vancouverite band MEZCLA took over the stage to perform.

VLAFF 2014 Awarded Films

The VLAFF 2014 awards went to several nations this year. Chile conquered the most awards (2), while Brazilian, Argentinean, Uruguayan and Mexican films were also awarded.

  • New Directors Award:

“The Militant”(El lugar del hijo)  Uruguay/Argentina:

  • Al Jazeera Documentary Award:

“The Last Station”(La última estación) Chile/Germany:

  • Audience Award:

“The Way He Looks”(Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho) Brazil:

  • Youth Choice Award:

“The Quispe Girls”(Las niñas Quispe) Chile:

VLAFF 2014 Youth Jury Insights:

Vivavancity recognizes the VLAFF 2014 as well as previous editions for being one of the few festivals that gives the youth a chance  to participate as jury members. Our staff had a chance to speak with some of the Youth Jury : Andi Icaza-Largaespada(Nicaragua) , Laura Arboleda(Colombia), Marlio Rali(Mexico) and Melisa Tang(Peru).

The Jury described how his experience completely redefined their cinematographic appreciation, as it allowed them to discover through other Jury members  aspects of film which they would not have noticed otherwise and it taught them to work and give space to opinions different from their.

Regarding the Awarded film “The Quispe Girls” the Jury stressed  it was a tough decision to make, opinions were so divided that in the end it was up to Andi Icaza-Largaespada to define which film was to be awarded.

Even between this four jury members the support was divided between the Chilean film and the Mexican film “Workers“. On one hand for Melisa and Marlio Workers deserved the award. Marlio said : “Workers is movie which engages you in the everyday life workers and undertakes their condition with a subtle  humor as they appear to be caged in situations so bad that no one would believe “. On the other hand Laura and Andi felt strongly for “The Quispe Girls”. On this matter Laura Claimed: “The Quispe Girls is a great movie because regardless of its slow action and lack of dialogue the movie strongly captures the story of this girls who were isolated from everyone and everything and delivers a unique unexpected shock”.

Photography by JE Olivas & Mauricio Martinez

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