MexicoFest 2014 – “Cuauhtémoc” Ship Visits Vancouver Vancity Social

MexicoFest 2014

Coming from Seattle, Washington, and having sailed 12, 748 nautical miles since its departure from Acapulco last April, the “Cuauhtémoc” ship made a spectacular entrance at Burrard Dry Dock Pier as a part of the events for the MexicoFest 2104.  A mesmerizing  scene made up by sailors standing on the rigs and displaying their sailing abilities. Thus the amazing ship´s deck was open for viewing to the public.


The “Cuauhtémoc” was built at the Celaya shipyards at Bilbao, in 1981. It was acquired by the Mexican Navy exclusively for the use and training of Captains, Officers, Cadets. The untiring ship has sailed 616,980 miles in 4,903 sailing days carrying down a message of peace and goodwill.  The ship has undertaken this task for over 30 years  and it it has been applauded and recognized internationally.

There sailors are formed by 186 officers and crew and 90 cadets and trainees with both men and women forming part of the crew.

“Cuauhtémoc” has participated in important regattas such as: the Columbus Race, the Cutty Sark Races, the Centenary of the modernization of the Osaka Port Race, as well as the Nautical Festivals of Rouen, Portsmouth, Dundee, Delfzijl, Bordeaux and Rostock.


Vivavancity representatives took some time to ask the crew on board what life was like on board. On Cadet Lugo’s  words ” navigating  “Cuauhtémoc” is a unique experience that exalts  the sailing spirit by the being in close contact with the art of navigation and the nature of the sea”.


Cadet Lugo

With the desire of keeping the crew in high spirits, the Command of the ship organizes sportive and cultural tournaments, being the most popular ones Turk-basket and Turk-base, maritime adaptation of basketball and baseball. Board games also take a position in the entertainment of the Mexican sailors. And thus, mile per mile, the crew travels the seas of the world, living every day the chance to grow as persons and sailors by carrying the message of peace from their beautiful country.

The “Cuauhtémoc” tall ship, where the minds and spirits of those who sail on board are strengthen, is with no doubt,  a living symbol of the sailing spirit which characterizes the personnel of the Mexican  Navy, always ready to serve and spread the values and traditions of their homeland.

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All photos by Farid Ayoubzadeh.

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