An Adventure in the Vancouver Aquarium Social

If you want to connect with the natural marine world in a fun and educational way, the Vancouver Aquarium is what you are looking for.

With great variety of  marine animals from across the world it is definitely a good idea to give yourself more than a few hours to see and enjoy every part of it including the beautiful shows.


The shows are developed around the amazing animals that live in the Aquarium, from acrobatic dolphins and majestic belugas to cute and playful sea otters. The show is led by an educational and entertainer interpreter which makes it not only a fun but a learning experience for both, adults and children.
The Vancouver Aquarium also offers the exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a 4-D experience where you can hear, see, smell and even feel the different animals in their natural habitat. One of the most beautiful things about the Aquarium is that when you get a closer look to all the different marine species you might see something you’ve never noticed before, or discover an entire new creature and not only that, you also get to learn about them!

You can’t miss out on the tropical zone where you can see the most little animals of the Aquarium in the most magnificent ways accompanied with the flora and fauna of the Amazon.

The Vancouver Aquarium is not only a place for people to go enjoy the marine life but it is also a safe environment for the animals.

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is a hospital for sick, injured and orphaned marine mammals. Each year the Rescue Centre rescues over 100 marine mammals and rehabilitates them for release back into their natural habitat!

The Aquarium is committed to the conservation of the environment by using toilets that use rainwater, buying sustainable products and selling compostable plates and cutlery. Each September the Vancouver Aquarium coordinates the program “Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup” with thousands of volunteers willing to help out.

For more information about the aquarium and how you can support their programs please visit the  Official Website.

Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium is without a doubt an unforgettable experience that fills your day with joy, lots of knowledge, amusement and excitement.

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