Vancouver AIDS WALK for LIFE Events

The number of people living with HIV in Canada  has continued to raise, from an estimated 64,000 in 2008 to 71,300 in 2011.
A life with HIV/AIDS can be lived fully with a just a little bit of support. But that doesn’t mean that a life with  HIV/AIDS is easy. The challenges are real: stigma, isolation, limited income, and the side effect of very strong medications depended on to stay alive.
Every year people join the Vancouver aids walk for life to show people dealing with HIV  that they are not alone.

All funds raised by the Scotiabank AIDS WALK for LIFE become part of Positive Living BC’s Community Health Fund (CHF).
The CHF reimburses low-income HIV-postive members with up to $35 a month for health expenses.
Positive Living BC has over 5,000 members. many of whom cannot afford the high costs of staying healthy on their own.

You can register, fundraise or be part of the 350 volunteers needed to make the  Scotiabank AIDS WALK for  LIFE operate smoothly.

WHEN: Sunday,  September 21, 2o14

WHERE: The beautiful Sunset Beach, Vancouver, BC

WHAT: A  6.75 km walk route along the Seawall.



10:00am      Registration opens

10:30am      CatWALK for LIFE! (Show off your “fanciest footwear” and your “winning walk”)

11:00am      Opening ceremonies begin

11:30am      The WALK Ribbon Cutting – Walk begins!

1:00pm       Welcome Back, Closing Announcements & Post Walk Celebration


–  To make a difference in the lives of those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
– To support and raise awareness
– To celebrate life!

For more information visit the Scotiabank AIDS WALK for LIFE website

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